The Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People Top 100 List for 2012

Voting has started

This year we have had the most successful nomination period and we have narrowed down the nominees to the final 400 nominations.

The voting element is the final element in our selection process and provides the opportunity to establish who is most highly regarded and respected within their peers.

You can find your favourite and the link to their voting page here

Aad van der Velden
Abinsam Kottikal
Adam Warby
Adriana Di Vito
Ahmed ElSayed Ibrahim
Alastair Thomas
Albert Porra
Alex Chow
Alex Vandereycken
Allison Watson
Alper Tekin
Amer Atiyah
Amo Khan
Amrit Malhotra
Anders Jönsson
Andre dos Reis Santos
Andrew Bibby
Andrew Devitt
Andrew Snook
Andries Klumpenaar
Andrii Butenko
Andy Hafer
Andy Hayward
Andy Hill
Andy Vabulas
Ankit Shah
Anne Stanton
Anya Ciecierski
Arijit Basu
Arvind Raman
Ash Sharma
Axel Kuhn
Ben Corwin
Ben Grech
Bob McAdam
Bob Scarborough
Brad Dennison
Brad Wilson
Brandon George
Brandon Kirby
Brent Twist
Brian Ambrosius
Brian Gailica
Brian Ocheltree
Brian Ryssel Vittrup
Brian Stenzel
Bryn Forrest
Butenko Andrii
Carolinne Baltazar
Carolyn Blaylock
Carsten Groth
Carsten Howitz
Carsten Ølholm
Cesar Palmieri
Chad Sogge
Chantal Poisson
Cheryl Strege
Chris Elving
Christian Bentzen
Christian Espinoza
Christian Holst-Jensen
Christian Pedersen
Christina Philips
Christopher Cameron
Clarke Peters
Claus Hansen
Clinton Weldon
Cochat Pierre
Colin Baine
Cornelis Bosch
Craig Dewar
Craig Steere
Cristina Carcelén
Damon Repton
Dan Cefaratti
Daniel Boecker
Daniel Sargiotto
Darryl Henderson
Dave Darling
David Gumpert
David Hutchinson
David Lastern
David Musgrave
David Rosney
David Singleton
Dhan Raj Bansal
Dick Wenning
Dilip Nair
Dinesh Badagandi
Dmitry Bogolyubov
Don Currie
Doug Kennedy
Duane Bell
Dwight Specht
Edvandro Santos
Emir Taner
Eric Wauters
Erik Ernst
Erik van Hoof
Eta Novak
Evert Bos
Eyjólfur Eyjólfsson
Faizal Jivraj
Federico Favero
Felipe Girrado
Filippo Lombardo
Finn Nielsen-Friis
Fiona Nolan
Frands Sharpe
Frank Hamelly
Frank Jensen
Frank Lee
Frank Maier
Frank Vukovits
Frank Ziccarell
Fred Studer
Garth Laird
Gerhard Winter
Gianmarco Salzano
Giridhar Raj Singh Chowhan
Girish Raja
Gordon Tait
Graham Hill
Greg Kaupp
Guobjartur Pall Guobjartsson
Guus Krabbenborg
Hal Howard
Hans Veldman
Harish Mohanbabu
Harry  Ruiz
Hayley Bass
Heine Krog Iversen
Henning Lund
Henrik Aaen
Henrik Bergholt
Henrik Helgesen
Henrik Jaeger
Henrik Kristiansen
Henrik Marx Larsen
Henrik Skov Pedersen
Henrik Toftum
Hong Liu
Hynek Mulhbacher
Iain Wright
Ian Corcoran
Ian Cowan
Ian Mac Hueg
Ian Sefton
Ian Stewart
Ilya Feigin
Jack Ades
Jacob Dall
Jason Baldwin
Jason Ferguson
Jean-Philippe Courtois
Jean-Pierre LE Cloerec
Jeff Edwards
Jeff Geisler
Jeff Hall
Jeff Lee
Jeff Onesto
Jeff Rudolph
Jeff Wallis
Jeffrey Goldstein
Jehanzeb Javeed
Jens Bach Larsen
Jens Baun
Jens Lykkegaard
Jered Cady
Jerry Weinstock
Jesper Balser
Jesper Dyhr
Jesper Kiehn
Jim Bowman
Jim Glass
Jimmi Jakobsen
Jivtesh Singh
Joakim Källebrink
Joe Tatarian
Joe Tews
Joel Lindstrom
Joerg Stryk
John Boehm
John Kleb
John Lowther
John Pavin
John Stulak
Johnny Rosenberg
Jon Rivers
Jon Roskill
Joni Vincent
Joris de Gruyter
Jose Maria Sanchez
Jose Ramirez
Josep Pagès
Joseph Longo
Julian Bacon
Juliano Bassetto
Julio Moreno
Jurgen Beck
Jussi Kestilä
Kamil  Sacek
Kapil Khanna
Karine Allouche Salanon
Katrin Smuikat
Kees Hertogh
Keith Dunkinson
Keith Pittaway
Kelly Youells
Kenneth Frostholm Olesen
Kenneth Kryger Gram
Kent Tranberg Pedersen
Kerry Rosvold
Kevin Turner
Kim Peterson
Kirill Tatarinov
Klaus Holse Andersen
Kurt Hatlevik
Lance Knepper
Larry Lentz
LaShonda Anderson Williams
Laura Robinson
Lee Durrant
Leen Zevenbergen
Leon Tribe
Leslie Vail
Linda Rose
Lindy Antonelli
Lionel Trigo
Lisa Frank
Louis Veilleux
Luc van Dyck
Luc van Vugt
Luciano Cunha
Luis Mourão
Maanish Roy
Manny Blits
Marco Amoedo
Maria Jesus Llorente
Marianne Lindhard Moe
Mariano Arias
Mariano Gomez
Mark Brummel
Mark Corley
Mark LaBelle
Mark Polino
Mark Rhodes
Martin Drab
Martin Olsen
Matt Bailey
Matt Woodhouse
Matthew Ha
Matthew Wittemann
Matthew Woodget
Mattias Englund
Maurice Ghosn
Mey MeenakshiSundaram
Michael Blatherwick
Michael Gaardboe
Michael Griffiths
Michael Johnson
Michael Medsker
Michael Nielsen
Michael Sulz
Michal Kupczyk
Michelle Spitzer
Michelle Williams
Mike Ferreira
Mike Gillis
Mike Rogers
Mikkel Poulsen
Mitch Milam
Mitesh Gandhi
Mohamed Aamer Ala El Din
Mohammad R. Daoud
Mohammed Feradh Zain
Mohammed Rasheed
Morten Bech
Morten Oxfeldt
Muhammed Rafeeq
Munir Remahl
Murali Ponnada
Natalie Karolak
Nathan Benelli
Nick Hoban
Nick Meredith
Nico Debeuckelaere
Nico Tissink
Niels-Erik Hansen
Nobuko Lima
Nurul Kabir
Obed Alberto Ortiz Patiño
Obie Kokich
Olga Mulvad
Onur Namli
Palle Arentoft
Pam Misialek
Patrick Roth
Paul Blott
Paul Colella
Paul White
Paulo Ferreira
Pavel Hruby
Per Mogensen
Pernille Whited
Peter Braun
Peter Hallgren Bünger
Peter Waldron
Philip Stride
Philippe Bouaziz
Philippe Jacobsen
Piers Thompson
Poul Kjaer
Prabh Updesh Singh
Preben Damgaard
Rachel Carney
Raghunathan Jayaraman
Rajdeep Tiwari
Randy Keith
Rav Lal
Reginald Howatson
Rene Gayer
Reuben Krippner
Ricardo Nunes
Rich Carr
Richard Bessant
Richard Bross
Richard Covington
Richard Hines
Richard St Clair Quentin
Richard Whaley
Robert Bertell
Roman Ganopolskyi
Ron Draganowski
Ron Hanson
Ronald Haantjes
Ross Carlson
Russell Smith
Ryan Casey
Sam Vaddi
Sameer Chachra
Sandeep  Singla
Sandeep Walia
Satya Narayana
Scott Hamilton
Scott Isaacs
Scott Mertes
Scott Pugmire
Sean Colohan
Sean Fellowes
Sebastian Waksmundzki
Shafiq Rehman
Shane Hall
Shannon McElheney DiBenedetto
Sheldon Kralstein
Simon Bright
Sivakumar Malli
Solange Triplett
Sophie Sheikh
Soren Alexandersen
Steen Andreasen
Steen Waever Poulsen
Stefan van den Brink
Stein Revelsby
Stephen Holden
Steve Ballmer
Steve Bredall
Steve Endow
Steve Farr
Steven Biesterbos
Steven Weaver
Stian Stabell
Svend Birk-Hansen
Tarek Demaiti
Thomas Blak
Thomas Olofsson
Timo Lässer
Tom Galambos
Tom Taylor
Tomer Sagie
Tommy Larsen
Toni Savage
Tony DiBenedetto
Torben Brammer
Torben Wind
Tracy Kinsey
Trevor Gilchrist
Troy Ensor
uMar Khan
Valter Braghin
Victoria Yudin
Vijay Bhat
Vjekoslav Babic
Wael Gawdat
Will McIntee
Wim Jansen
Wolfgang Rieger
Yaniv Herling
Yulia Barabanova
Zubin Gidwani